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Join us for an informative webinar on how to maximize your IT budget Your customers need more with less. As their businesses adopt applications such as big data, AI and Deep learning, their servers are expected to handle the increased performance demand these applications require.

Deciding on the right memory and storage products to support these workloads is only part of the challenge. With budgets restricted, customers are looking for solutions that not only deliver the performance they are used to, but solutions within their budget.

Our forthcoming webinar hosted with Micron, will explore the various technologies that can help support your customers various workload demand, help you understand how to choose the most appropriate SSD and DRAM solution and explore how you can optimize your customers’ IT budgets, delivering more for less.

Join us for an informative webinar on how to maximize your IT budget | Presentation Content

- Industry Trend & Market outlook
- Case Study
- Micron Solution Line up
- Q&A
4/8/20212:00pm ACST1 hour
Ubiquiti UniFi OS and Gen2 Switch Overview Join us for an awesome Webinar for the latest updates on the UniFi OS Console and UniFi Gen2 Switches. Learn all about the bestselling features on both devices, and which products to choose depending on your deployment.

This Webinar will be hosted by Darren Milton, LEADER’s Ubiquiti Trainer. We will cover an overview of the latest features and benefits for the UniFi Dream Machine Pro as well as the Gen 2 UniFi Switches. This webinar will empower you to offer the correct product to cater for your solution requirements.
10/8/20211:00pm ACST45 minutes