The Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Admin (UBRSA) is a two-day, in-classroom training course designed for professionals in the Service Provider market that seek hands-on experience configuring EdgeMAX products.

The curriculum contains practical, real-world deployment scenarios involving STP, VLANs, Policy-Based Routing, advanced OSPF as well as an introduction to BGP. All lab activities use EdgeMAX hardware.

Those students who complete the course and pass the exam at the end will be fully certified as a Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Admin and receive their official certificate and t-shirt from Ubiquiti Networks.

Course Requirements

Students are required to bring a laptop with a wired ethernet port (or USB ethernet adapter) and Java installed/updated. Students should also bring their laptop power adapter, a powerboard and 3 x ethernet patch leads (short length – 1m or less is fine). Some knowledge in basic networking principles including IP sub-netting is assumed.

Please note: Students must bring their own kit. The trainer is unable to provide power boards, ethernet adapters, cables or laptops on the day.

Course Overview

1. Device Management
  • Configure Lab Equipment
2.Layer 2
  • EdgeSwitch
  • Network Heirachy
  • Broadcast Domains & VLANs
  • Wireless Bridging
  • EdgeOS Firewall Config
  • STP, LAG, Mirroring
3. Layer 3
  • EdgeRouter
  • Routing Lifecycle
  • Packet Processing
  • Load-Balancing
  • Policy-Based Routing
  • Dynamic Routing & Loopback Interfaces
  • IGP vs EGP
  • Single-Area OSPF
  • Multi-Area OSPF
  • Route Redistribution, External Routes
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
  • Introduction to BGP