WatchGuard offers a variety of technical training opportunities for customers and partners to understand how to install, configure, and manage WatchGuard products. You can use the courseware provided by WatchGuard for self-study, or you can attend instructor-led training delivered by Leader Academy to get the benefits of hands-on learning in a classroom lab environment.

Firebox T-Series

WatchGuard Certifications


Network Security Essentials

This certification covers the content previously covered in Fireware Essentials, but also includes content on basic networking and new Fireware topics, including multi-WAN, VLANs, and more.

WatchGuard Secure Wifi

Secure Wi-Fi Essentials

This certification covers basic wireless technology and Wi-Fi Cloud, as well as Fireware Gateway Wireless Controller and Wireless Firebox devices.

WatchGuard AuthPoint

Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials

This certification covers basic authentication technology concepts and how to set up, configure, and manage WatchGuard AuthPoint.