Ubiquiti Networks

The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) is a two-day, in-classroom training course focused on the most important concepts in Enterprise Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on best practices for designing/managing UniFi WLANs. Hands-on labs reinforce knowledge of wireless concepts and advanced wireless features.

Learning is reinforced with course materials and practical lab activities using the latest UniFi Controller and 802.11ac, 2nd-Gen UAP hardware.

Those students who complete the course and pass the exam at the end will be fully certified as a Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin and receive their official certificate and t-shirt from Ubiquiti Networks.

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin

Course Requirements

Students are required to bring a laptop with a wired ethernet port (or USB ethernet adapter) and Java installed/updated. Students should also bring their laptop power adapter, a powerboard and 3 x ethernet patch leads (short length – 1m or less is fine). Some knowledge in basic networking principles including IP sub-netting is assumed.

Please note: Students must bring their own kit. The trainer is unable to provide power boards, ethernet adapters, cables or laptops on the day.

Course Overview

1. RF Fundamentals

  • Frequency, Propagation, Path Loss, Attenuation
  • Coverage, Channels, Bandwidths, DFS
  • Transmit Signal, Power, Gain, EIRP
  • Antenna Radiation Patterns
  • MIMO, Polarisation

2. 802.11 Networking

  • LAN Access Methods
  • CSMA/CA, RTS/CTS, Hidden Nodes
  • SSIDs, Beacons, Probing, Connection
  • Dynamic Rate Selection, Fast Roaming
  • WLAN Standards
  • Frame Types, Quality of Service
  • Noise vs Signal, SNR, ACI vs CCI

3. WLAN Planning & Design

  • PoE Standards and Wiring
  • High Density, Coverage Areas, Overlap
  • MCS Indices, Coding & Modulation
  • Site Surveys, WLAN Scanning, Spectral Analysis
  • Airtime & Capacity
  • Device Interoperability
  • Coverage vs Data Rates

4. WLAN Deployment

  • Network Traffic Types, Broadcast/Multicast Traffic
  • UniFi Band Steering
  • UniFi Minimum RSSI
  • Wireless Uplink
  • Certification Exam